Shallow-water Cape hake

Merluccius capensis

Autre appellations en Europe :

  FR : Merlu blanc du Cap
IT     : Nasello del capo
DE    : Kaphecht
PT     : Pescada-da-África-do-sul
ES     : Merluza del Cabo
NL     : Zuidafrikaanseheek


Présentation générale :


Shallow-water Cape hake is a species of the Merlucciidae family found in the south-eastern Atlantic. It has a large head, a first dorsal fin with 9 to 11 spines, a second longer dorsal fin with 38 to 42 spines, and an anal fin. Shallow-water Cape hake also has fairly long pectoral fins, reaching or exceeding the base of the anal fin.

À noter :

Worth nothing

Shallow-water Cape hake (Merluccius Capensis) and deep-water Cape hake (Merluccius Paradoxus) are located in the same geographical area and are often fished at the same time. Shallow-water Cape hake swims closer to the surface than deep-water Cape hake. The two species are difficult to differentiate.