Wild common carp

Cyprinus carpio

Autre appellations en Europe :

  FR: Carpe commune
DK : Karpe
DE : Lederkarpfen
NL : Karper
IT : Carpa
PT : Carpa
PL : Karp
FIN : Karppi
SU : Karp


Présentation générale :


The wild common carp has a very thick body covered all over with scales except on the head. Its colour, dark green or bronze on the back lightens on the stomach. It is one of the main fish species farmed in the world with tilapia and panga.

À noter :


Various types were selected in Europe from the wild original species, giving priority to the speed of growth, adaptation to climatic conditions, and a tall and stocky shape to provide a better yield in fishing nets. There are more than 2,000 sub-species of carps, the most frequently found in France being the Cyprinus carpio carpio, whose skin is bare, except on along the back which display large scales.